Veliky Novgorod

Start your journey with Novgorod Kremlin at - one of the most ancient monuments of military architecture of Russia of the XV-XVII centuries.

Having captured the panorama of the Kremlin, you can compare it with the panorama on a two-ruble coin of the sample of 2009.

If you came to Veliky Novgorod in the summer, be sure to join the locals and take a dip in the river near the Kremlin walls!

The Kremlin is the city’s main gem: Hagia Sophia . Read poems and inscriptions on its walls: take a look at Novgorod history. See the three main keepers of Veliky Novgorod: the dove of the Virgin on the main dome, the fresco of Jesus with a clenched fist and the icon of the Mother of God “The Sign” that protected the city from the invasion of Suzdal.

Just next to St. Sophia Cathedral, on Kremlin Square, there is another significant place - the monument "Millennium of Russia" . It captures the historical faces of our country. Try to get to know everyone!

Then continue your journey along the famous pedestrian bridge across the Volkhov River . It connects two parts of the city. So from the Sofia part you will find yourself in Trading. Turn right to the white arcade, where the Yaroslavovo Courtyard is located. A walk through the historic complex will take half an hour. Here you can visit St. Nicholas Cathedral - one of the oldest cathedrals in Veliky Novgorod. It is located on the street. 5. Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 5. This will take you just half an hour. Not far away, on Znamensky Lane, you can easily find the church Transfiguration of the Savior . To get to it, you need to rise from St. Nicholas Cathedral to Ilyina Street and go along it east, right to the alley. Only here you can see the unique murals of Theophanes the Greek and enjoy the work of the famous icon painter and master of monumental frescoes. It will take you about thirty minutes to visit the temple.

Food nearby: Cafe on Haymarket (Near the Eternal Flame)

Berg House Restaurant (Ilyina St.)

Sudarushka Cafe (Ilyina St.)

Where to settle:

Bereza Guest House (Ilyina Street 29, Veliky Novgorod)

Truvor Boutique Hotel ( 2/1 Dvortsovaya St., 3, Veliky Novgorod)

Hostel Yaroslav (4, Nikolskaya St., Veliky Novgorod)

This concludes the walk through the historical centers, we hope that you will experience the complex and at the same time heroic destinies of these ancient cities. Come to the cities of the Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia again, but take your friends with you and become guides for them through the distant pages of your native history. And maybe you yourself will send us your routes.


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