Walking route in Mogilev

We will begin our walking route through the ancient city of Mogilev from the main square of the city - the Square of Glory. It arose at the beginning of the 16th century between the castle and Nagorny Posad as a trade, on which there were many shops with goods. Now it is the social and administrative center of the city. Here we can see the memorial complex "Fighters for Soviet power." It includes a bronze sculpture symbolizing the image of Victory, as well as the eternal flame. If you go beyond the memorial, we will have an amazing view. In 1578, the beautiful City Hall was erected on the square, the reconstruction of which we can see today, and from the south-western side adjoins the square is Castle Square.

Preserved architectural monuments of the 18th - 2nd half of the 19th century - the building of the former district court, which now houses the Mogilev Regional Museum of Local Lore (in 1919 it housed the headquarters of the 16th Army, in which a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Army G.K. Ordzhonikidze and the building of the former city council worked for some time.

We pass along Pervomaiskaya Street, where the Drama Theater awaits us, where, after crossing the road and turning to the right, and then delving into a small passage, you will meet the Church of St. Stanislav.

Church of them. St. Stanislaus

A small feature of the Church is its closeness. On all sides it is surrounded by houses, and if you do not know where to look, then you can skip it. For the same reason, it is very difficult to photograph. A wide-angle lens is indispensable.

Old buildings, which did not have time to demolish in Soviet times. This is the courtyard of the house from the previous photo on the right. A sort of piece of Europe. Photographers like to drop in here, while residents are all surprised: "Well, what can I take pictures here?"

And on the Right you can see the statue of John Paul II.

In Soviet times, the building housed an archive. During this period, the temple lost some of the murals. An organ with rare ceramic pipes was also lost.

During World War II, the MPVO system was installed on the roof of the church. When the church was returned to believers in the early 1990s, here, in the attic, they found a skeleton, most likely, of the very soldier who was shooting from enemy aircraft.

There used to be a window in the round hole, but then a portico was attached, and the upper part of the facade disappeared behind the second wall. There are still preserved elements of stucco and niches, in which, perhaps, earlier stood sculptures. Leninskaya street and the Square of Stars

Having enjoyed the atmosphere of the Church of them. St. Stanislav, we suggest you return to Komsomolskaya Street, walk along it along the side of the previously visited Drama Theater and Square. Herzen, and at the traffic lights turn left and return to the pedestrian Leninsky Street, along which we will continue our journey.

From here the most lively and crowded part of the main historical street of the city will begin, in which small cafeterias and fashionable boutiques are combined with historical buildings of past centuries. Do not forget to stop at one of the cafes and enjoy a cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere that recalls the old streets of the famous Paris, or other cities of Western Europe.

The paved path will hold you again, and then your art will clearly attract them. VC. Bialynitsky-Biruli, and located slightly to the left of the building of the hostel No. 1 of Mogilev State University named after A.A. Kuleshov, in which, in his youthful years, the president of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko.

Your small promenade will complete the Square of Stars - a modern art object located opposite the Rodina Cinema building. Despite the fact that the monument itself is a pure fantasy of local residents, it has long become famous throughout the world as the original and only monument, perhaps the most mysterious profession in the world. Not for nothing about the ensemble itself in the square there are many rumors, including mystical and mysterious ones. However, these are all tales that anyone interested can familiarize themselves with. Well, we advise you to look at a movie session, and then take a spectacular photo in the armchair of your zodiac sign. And then our long journey lies to the Cathedral of the Three Saints.

Three Saints Cathedral

Walking further from the Square of Stars along Leninskaya Street (to the right of the exit from the Rodina movie theater), you will meet the square of the 40th anniversary of Victory, and then moving along the square in the same direction, you will find Lenin Boulevard, which will lead you to the main building of Mogilev - the regional executive committee and zero kilometer. If you go around this grand building on the left and walk a little straight, passing through the Puppet Theater, you will meet the famous Cathedral of the Three Saints, which beckons the traveler with its domes. It is worth paying attention both to the territory of the cathedral and to its interior decoration. In the courtyard, the traveler can feel as if he is away from the noisy city, despite the fact that the cathedral is located on the busy Pervomaiskaya street. In summer, the white walls of the cathedral are decorated with a huge amount of greenery, various flowers and trees. The temple is built in the shape of a cross and has seven domes, a bell tower above the entrance. This building is made in the pseudo-Russian style, it can be entered from three sides - another hallmark of the building associated with the name of the temple. Finishing your walk through the territory before entering the temple, in a small building to the left of the main entrance you can buy candles, and also pay attention to the library of Orthodox literature, the reading room at the temple.

Inside the temple will amaze you first of all not so much with solemnity as it will appease you with its calm architecture, smooth forms. You can even say that the temple creates a truly chamber and cozy atmosphere in which you can be alone with your thoughts and prayers.

Concluding your trip to the city center, we suggest you separately visit another place, sacred not only for the residents of Mogilev, but also for everyone affected by the Second World War - Buinichsky field. The field can be reached by bus number 3, next to the bus station of the city of Mogilev, which is located near the Cathedral of Three Saints. To get there, you need to turn right from the main entrance and continue to the regulated intersection, turn right on it, and go straight to the next major intersection, where you need to turn left and continue straight ahead to the bus station.

Buinichsky field

Here we arrived at Buinichsky field, where the whole earth is saturated with the blood of Soviet

soldiers who heroically fought during the years of World War II. Here is a memorial complex that was opened in 1995. In 2002, the memorial was recognized as the cultural value of Belarus.

An arch is installed at the entrance, along the edges of which there are bas-reliefs depicting a defense scheme of Mogilev and paintings of the battle. Also on the arch you can see the text of the order on awarding Mogilyov with the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree.

If you go further along the path, you can go straight to the heart of the memorial - the chapel. It is located in the very center of the alley. It was built in memory of the dead soldiers. On the walls of the chapel are plaques with hundreds of names of militias and warriors who gave their lives to save Mogilev. Below it is a crypt that was created to rebury the remains of soldiers.

Around the chapel are samples of military equipment. And on the right you can see the remains of an anti-tank ditch.

The symbolic “monument” on the Buinichi field is also the Lake of Tears, symbolizing the mother's tears about the dead sons.

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Where to stay: Hotel Slavic Tradition (178 Chelyuskintsev St., Mogilev)


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