A small walk through the center of the ancient city: parks and museums of Smolensk

If this is your first time in Smolensk and you want to get acquainted with our ancient city in a few hours, we suggest that you take a walk in the center of Smolensk. A walk along this route takes about 2 hours. If you have time and enjoy visiting unusual and interesting museums, in about five to six hours you can not only plunge into the atmosphere of the unhurried and very comfortable life of a small old Russian city, but also learn about its glorious history and rich cultural life.

Start your walk from Thunder Tower on October Revolution Street. Next to the tower there is a monument to its architect - architect Fedor Kon.

There is a wonderful interactive museum in the Thunder Tower, as well as an amazingly picturesque panorama of the center of Smolensk. Inspection of this museum will take about an hour.

Then walk past the Smolensk city administration building to Blonier Park . Stroll along its paths, paying attention to the monument to the great Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (do not forget to see the monument’s fence, you will find something interesting on it!), A sculpture of a large Deer and a fountain in the center of the park. Here you can have a snack in a wonderful cafe, the territory of which will definitely not leave indifferent a lover of interesting photos. On all sides, Blonier Park is surrounded by beautiful historical buildings - these are the Smolensk Regional Philharmonic Society, the Drama Theater, the Post Office and many others.

The Lenin Square, the central square of the city, adjoins the Blonye Park. On the opposite side of the park (it is necessary to cross the Kommunisticheskaya street), there is the building of the former Aleksandrovsky real school, which now houses the Art Gallery . Sometimes this museum is called the little Tretyakov Gallery. And as all art lovers, while in Moscow, they certainly visit the Tretyakov Gallery, so in Smolensk they will come to the Art Gallery for at least an hour. A leisurely inspection of the exposure will take about one and a half to two hours.

After walking through the park and exploring the Art Gallery, go back to the Thunder Tower and turn left - in Heroes Square on Dzerzhinsky Street. Stroll through it. Here you can learn a lot about the heroes who defended the Smolensk region in different historical eras. Be sure to stop at the Monument with the Eagles - such a majestic and unusual monument to the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 you will not find anywhere else.

Then go to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War , which is located in the Heroes' Square. There you will “plunge” into the military history of Smolensk, and, believe me, after leaving the walls of the museum, you will have a new look at Square and everything else that surrounds you in the center of Smolensk.

And to see what Smolensk is like these days, walk again towards Blonie Park, walk past the Pochtampt building and turn left to the central city park Lopatinsky Garden . The park will please you with pacifying pictures, interesting art objects, picturesque bridges and tell a lot of interesting things about how the residents of Smolensk in our time are resting.

We wish you a pleasant walk and we hope that with the help of our route you could get vivid impressions of our beloved city!


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