Ancient fortress, holy monastery and monuments: all this you will see in the fifth video of the project Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia dedicated to Pskov.
The fifth video of the project "Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia" dedicated to Pskov.

Another pearl is added to the necklace of Holy Russia. After her, our team poisoned herself in the north-west of Russia, where she laid the route for you to search for cultural and historical treasures, and at the same time prepared a video report on my stay in the ancient city of Pskov. The study of the Pskov land was not limited to visiting Pskov alone. The team visited such legendary places as the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery and Izborsk Fortress. Through all centuries of its existence, the Pskov-Pechersk monastery has carried the spiritual fire of senile service. Such an achievement is unique in history and rightfully is an example of how to honor your traditions. To match the Pskov-Pechersk monastery and Izborsk fortress. Following the example of the monastery, which did not surrender to the enemy of the human race and preserved traditions, it also never surrendered to the enemies of our Fatherland. These two outposts of spiritual, moral and historical values ​​still delight their guests and the team of the “Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia” invites you to travel with us.

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