The team of the project "Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia" visited Veliky Novgorod

The trip to Veliky Novgorod, which took place on June 5-7, 2019, was the final on-site event of the second stage of the Smolensk diocese's international project for the development of youth cultural and educational tourism "Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia."

The trip was led by the project manager, the head of the Department of Smolensk Diocese on Church Relations with Society and the Media, the prior of the Parish of the Church of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church, Archpriest Valery Ryabokon. 14 students from universities participating in the project, project curator Maria Zhukova, specialized curators from Smolensk State University Irina Romanova and Larisa Pavlova, photo video operator Denis Artemenko became participants of the trip.

Partners in organizing the trip were Novgorod State University. Yaroslav the Wise and the Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve.

In Veliky Novgorod, as well as in other cities of the developed route, the project participants got acquainted with the shrines and sights, collected materials for the compilation of the tourist case of the city and participated in the shooting of the video. Also, the project was presented at the Novgorod State University.

On June 6, on the Ascension Day, the project team participated in the Divine Liturgy in the Sofia Cathedral, built in the middle of the XI century. After the end of the service, the participants inspected the most ancient stone church in Russia, venerated the shrines. The excursion around the Sofia Cathedral and other monuments of Veliky Novgorod was conducted by the well-known Russian archaeologist, Chairman of the Novgorod Society of Antiquity Fans Sergey Troyanovsky.

Then the participants visited the Novgorod Kremlin and learned about the history of the creation of the Monument to the 1000th anniversary of Russia. A meeting was held with the Deputy General Director of the Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve Olga Konyukhova.

During the first day of their stay in Veliky Novgorod, the project team also visited the Church of the Savior on Ilyina Street - the only temple where Feofan Grek’s frescoes are preserved. The route of the inspection included the Church of the Savior on Nereditsa and the Ryurikovo settlement.

During the tour, the project participants in the Restoration Center for Monumental Painting of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve not only learned about the peculiarities of the restoration of the temple frescoes, but were also able to observe the painstaking work of the restorers. On July 8, a visit to the University complex of the Novgorod State University “Antonovo” and the presentation of the project took place. The project participants also visited the Varlaamo-Khutinsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, founded in the 12th century by St. Varlaam, Novgorod the Wonderworker. Gabriel Romanovich Derzhavin was buried in the Khutynsky monastery. The journey to the Novgorod land ended with a visit to the ancient lake Ilmen. Photo: Vitaly Chalova, Sofia Pushenkova, Yana Kamyanskaya

The project “Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia” is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation.

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