The presentation of the project «Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia» was held at Pskov State University

On May 29, on the second day of a trip to the city of Pskov, the participants of the project “Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia” presented it at Pskov State University. The meeting was attended by a specialist of the department for work with student organizations of the Youth Policy Department of FSBEI HE "Pskov State University" Oleg Nikiforov and representatives of student organizations of the university.

The project was presented by students of the Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary, deacon Maxim Kostyukov and Andrey Pokatov, as well as a student of the Smolensk State Institute of Arts Yana Kamyanskaya. The representatives of the project team, Anastasia Novikova (branch “NIU“ MEI ”in Smolensk), Vitaly Chalov (Smolensk State Institute of Arts), Evgeny Khramtsov (Smolensk State Medical University), David Saribekyan told about the participation in the project of Smolensk universities. (Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary) and Julia Morozova (Smolensk State University).

The presentation presented aroused the keen interest of Pskov State University students present at the meeting, because Pskov is as old and unique city as Smolensk, with its rich history.

Representatives of Pskov State University gladly supported the idea of ​​developing youth tourism. Students of Pskov State University expressed their proposals for the development of the project, expressed a desire to join the project and take part in the creation of the tourist case of the city of Pskov. The beginning of cooperation was laid immediately after the presentation. A college student, Pskov State University, conducted a small tour for Smolensk citizens around several important cultural and historical sites of Pskov. The guys visited the observation deck on the embankment of the river "Velikaya", as well as the monument "Ice Battle", consisting of the figures of Alexander Nevsky on horseback, boyar in a ceremonial raincoat and walking heroes.

At the end of the meeting, the project manager, the head of the Smolensk diocese's relations with society and the media, Archpriest Valery Ryabokon thanked the university and students for the warm welcome and presented Oleg Vladimirovich Nikiforov, an expert on the work with student organizations, 25-year-old service of Patriarch Kirill on the Smolensk land “I recognized Russia through Smolensk”.

The project "Pearl Necklace of Holy Russia" is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation.

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