Participants of the project "Pearl necklace of Holy Russia" visited the Annunciation Church

On April 2, 2019, the participants of the international project for the development of youth cultural and educational tourism "Pearl necklace of Holy Russia", which is implemented with the support of the presidential grant Fund, visited the Church of the Annunciation on Cathedral hill.

Volunteers were accompanied by the head of the project, the head of The Department of the Smolensk diocese on the relationship of the Church with society and the media, the rector of the Parish of the Church of The Holy new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church, Archpriest Valery Ryabokon, acting assistant to the rector for educational work of the Smolensk theological Seminary, priest Dmitry Gamilovsky.

The tour was conducted by the rector of the restored Church, the head of the Protocol Service of the Smolensk diocese, priest Lev Garin.

The stone Church in honor of the Annunciation was built on the Northern slope of the Cathedral mountain in 1779 at the expense of merchant Theodore Shchedrin. The Church, which most resembled the Smolensk Holy cross Church on the street Novo-Moskovskaya, today looks not as before: it lost the refectory and bell tower, preserved only the main volume (chetverik) with a small cupola on an octagonal drum.

The temple was badly damaged during the battles for the liberation of the city in 1943. During the work carried out in the 1980s, the destroyed facades and the apse were restored.

Restoration work was carried out in the temple in 2013. But due to technical difficulties – the inability to connect the heating – worship was not performed. In 2019, at the expense of benefactors, it was possible to conduct heating and make the necessary repairs inside the temple. Soon the Annunciation Church will open its doors to the faithful.

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