The «Holy Russia Pearl Necklace» project presented at the Vitebsk Medical University

on March 28, 2019, the first student presentation of the international project for the development of youth cultural and educational tourism "Pearl necklace of Holy Russia" was held.

Participants of the project team met with students of Vitebsk state medical University, told about the project and presented the tourist case of Smolensk.

Partners in the organization of the event were Smolensk state medical University, Vitebsk state medical University and the Main Department of ideological work, culture and youth Affairs of the Vitebsk oblast Executive Committee.

The meeting of Smolensk and Vitebsk students was attended by the head of the project, the head of The Department of the Smolensk diocese on the relationship of the Church with society and the media, the rector of the Parish of the Church of The Holy new Martyrs and Confessors of the Church of the Russian Archpriest Valery Ryabokon, the head of the Youth Department of the Vitebsk diocese Archpriest Alexander Kovalev, chief specialist of the Department for youth, religions and nationalities of the Main Department of ideological work, culture and youth Affairs of the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee Sergey Nikolaevich Fadeenkov, Vice-rector for educational and ideological work of Vitebsk state medical University Olga A. Syrodoev, Chairman of the Union of students of Vitebsk state medical University Alexander M. Myasoedov, curators and faculty of VSMU.

Participants of the meeting were more than 50 students from Smolensk and Vitebsk.

Students of Smolensk state medical University prepared and held presentations of the project under the guidance of the profile curator, methodologist of the Department for educational and social work of the SSMU Anna Nikolaevna Alferova. Students of the Smolensk Theological Seminary, Smolensk state Institute of arts, Branch of "NIU "MEI" in the city of Smolensk, Smolensk state University also participated in the work.

The moderator of the meeting was made by Evgeniy Khramtsov. Anastasia Bavrina, Alena Kuzmenok, Sofya Karalevich told about different directions of work on the project, personal experience of participation in the project. Daniel and Konstantin Savenkov Kramerov told about the project site.

The highlight of the meeting was the demonstration of the presentation video of Smolensk, in the development of the script and the filming of which was attended by all the students from the project team. Sofia Pusenkova told about how dynamic and fun the filming process and provided backstage for the presentation video, prepared by the author of all the video footage of the project Denis Artemenko.

Nikita Kazulin told about the preparation of tourism case of Vitebsk and Vitebsk residents were asked questions about their hometown.

Chairman of the trade Union of students of VSMU Alexander Mikhailovich Myasoedov told about the tourist and local history work, which is carried out in the VSMU and expressed confidence that one of the new directions of this work will be cooperation in the framework of the project "Pearl necklace of Holy Russia" .

The meeting ended with a tea party, during which the students continued to communicate in an informal setting, and the curators of the project and representatives of partner organizations discussed further cooperation, including the organization of a large-scale interuniversity presentation of the project and its results during the pilot tour on the route "Pearl necklace" in autumn 2019.

The pearl necklace of Holy Russia Project is being implemented with the support of the presidential grant Fund.



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