Kremlin Pskov

If you really wanted to get your own cage, then we advise you to visit one of the most magnificent and inimitable buildings of Russia - the Pskov Kremlin.

The Kremlin is first of all the heart of the Russian city, and Pskov, also bears the name of Krom. Etymologically, “Krom” is derived from the word “food”, in the sense of food. In "Besides" the "belly" was stored, that is, those items that played an important role in the life of the population, such as weapons and food.

At Pskov Krom, there was no population, since until the beginning of the 16th century, this place was occupied by the personal cages of the citizens of Pskov, in which the most valuable property was kept. In addition, public and state barns were located nearby, in which military weapons and bread were located, in case of another siege or famine. Crom had a reliable guard, in the form of guard dogs, and the theft was regarded as a serious state crime and was captured by the death penalty.

The main difference from Moscow, Smolensk, Tver fortresses from other Russian cities, is that it was not influenced by Italian architecture, which is quite surprising.

The fortification was built in the traditional style, which was characteristic of the free Pskov Republic of the XIV-XVI centuries. At one time, the fortress was one of the largest buildings in Europe, protecting the city from enemies.


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