Pskov Museum-Reserve

The history of the creation of the Pskov Museum-Reserve dates back to the second half of the XIX century, when it was decided to establish a museum at the statistical committee of Pskov. With the permission of the leader of the Pskov nobles, Alexander Borisovich Fitingof, the newly-established museum was located on the second floor of the building of the provincial nobility, which included three rooms. However, due to the fact that the number of museum exhibits gradually increased, mainly due to the findings or donations from other departments - coins, manuscripts, weapons, icons, etc. - the apartments that the museum possessed became close and its management was forced to look for a new more spacious premises. The result of this search was the relocation of the museum building in 1902 to the building of the Pogankin Chambers, which was previously at the disposal of the Military Ministry. Emperor Nicholas II was the main contributor to this, who, at the request of Nikolai Ivanovich Novosiltsev, the leader of the Pskov nobility, in 1900 transferred the chambers of the Pokankins to the possession of the Pskov Archaeological Society.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, which destroyed almost all the museum buildings, the most valuable exhibits, dated to the XV-XIX centuries, were taken by train to the town of Sovetsk, Kirov region. However, not all museum property was saved, many exhibits were later found outside the Soviet state, primarily in Germany, where a number of museum artifacts were taken out: handwritten and old-printed books, works of ancient Russian painting, etc.

Thus, the Pskov Museum-Reserve did not escape the fate that befell most of the cultural institutions that found themselves in the occupied territories during the Great Patriotic War: he received damage from which he could not recover in the next ten years.

Currently, the complex of the Pskov Museum-Reserve includes 13 objects in Pskov and 5 branches in the region and is one of the oldest in Russia. On the reserve there is a tour desk. The conference “The Land of Pskov, Ancient and Modern” is held annually in the museum, in which, in addition to the museum staff, representatives of other public organizations take part.

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