Museum of Pskov Railwaymen

The Pskov Railwaymen Museum, located opposite the railway station and established on the initiative of World War II veteran A. Valentik in 1967, deals with the systematization and study of archival data relating to the activities of the railway, its origin and development. The museum consists of three thematic halls in which are placed the most interesting rare exhibits, not only relating to different epochs of the railway in the Pskov province and Russia, but also giving unique information about the construction of railways in other countries. Among them: the repair tools of the XIX century, models of old tickets, candle lights, etc.

Thus, the exposition of the museum, which includes three main themes, tells about the beginning of the Russian steam engine building, about the construction of the railway both in Russia and in other countries, as well as about the role of the Pskov railway workers in the war and postwar period. In addition, in the windows of the museum you can find unique exhibits relating to the revolutionary events of 1917, including documents relating to the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II from the throne.

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