Monument "two captains"

For those people who know or want to get acquainted with the works of the Russian Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin, you should visit the monument to the literary heroes of the Two Captains novel. It is installed here, since Pskov is the hometown of Veniamin Aleksandrovich.

In 1995, a sculpture depicting the heroes of the most famous adventure work created during the Soviet era was installed in Pskov. The monument is located next to the regional library. In this building there is a small museum dedicated to the book of Kaverin, and one of the few, since there are no more than 10 exhibitions devoted to a single work in the world.

Literally half a century ago, in the house of every reader, this book was on a shelf.

The monument consists of two parts. She is the one we see the main character of the work of Sanya Grigoriev, in motion, and behind him is the captain Tatarinov. The sculpture perfectly illustrates the idea of the book: the main character is constantly in constant search, movement. The image of Tatarinov, a man who has long been dead, is always present near Alexander, and thus serves for him as a kind of moral guide.

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