Center for the restoration of monumental painting

We all know that when we become ill, we turn to a doctor to fix some equipment - we carry it in for repair, but we remember little about "doctors of history" in our lives. Such doctors found their refuge in the Center for the restoration of monumental painting in 2015. No matter how beautiful the artwork is, and despite the fact that it was sung by many generations, time not only does not cure it, but even vice versa. The help of our historical memory is provided by restorers. It is thanks to their hard work, we keep in touch with our ancestors. The work of the restorer is incredibly painstaking, it is difficult to call their work a job, because this is the most that neither is service, the service of enthusiasts who are truly in love with their work. But even enthusiasts need good conditions in order to effectively carry out their activities. Thus, the first in Russia center for the restoration of monumental painting in Veliky Novgorod appeared. The center already stores frescoes from cathedrals of the XII-XIV centuries.

According to the head of the Center-branch of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve Tamara Anisimova, in a specially equipped building of the St. Anthony Monastery (XII century), artists not only restore the old Russian frescoes, but also conduct research, educational and teaching work. In the summer of 2015, the Center for Young Restorers was opened at the Center for students and beginning scientists.

Previously, the center was forced to huddle in the basements of the Novgorod Kremlin. Now he has several workshops, a large area, his own conference room, the necessary equipment is also purchased.

Specialists of the center have already managed to work on the Novgorod cultural relics, thanks to their efforts, the wall paintings of the Church of the Savior-on-Ilyin were restored. However, experts are not in a hurry to stop at this, because the ancient city, as well as other cities, need their healing skills.

Unfortunately, in our country such centers are very rare, so it is impossible to overestimate the importance of the Novgorod Hospital of Antiquities. Being in the Lord of Novgorod, do not forget to visit the Center for the restoration of monumental painting - this is the place where the story is in safe hands!

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