Church of the Annunciation on the Ryurikovo Settlement

Where the Vikings once swam and worshiped Odin, the Church of the Annunciation on the Settlement now towers. Past this settlement previously took place rooks, going on commercial matters in Constantinople. But its main boat, Ryurikovo Gorodishche sent a thousand-year voyage on the waters of history, and the name of this boat is our statehood. On the ancient trade route, between the darkness of paganism and the light of Christian truth, a powerful state emerged, which to this day determines the course of world history.

The fortified settlement of the Viking era in the source of the Volkhov on the ancient trade routes: the Baltic-Volga and "from the Varyag to the Greeks." Here was the residence of Prince Rurik, the founder of the first Russian ruling dynasty, called upon Novgorod to rule in 862. Excavations of fortifications, residential and economic complexes of the 9th-10th centuries. confirm that the Rurikovo hillfort is the “Old Town” in relation to Novgorod, which emerged in the era of Christianization (Tues. Paul X - beginning of the XI centuries). In the center of the Settlement are the majestic ruins of the Cathedral of the Annunciation, erected by Prince Mstislav the Great in 1103 and rebuilt in the XIV century. Remaining as a princely residence until the reign of Ivan the Terrible (16th century), the Settlement was the center of the most important events in Novgorod’s political history. The Annunciation Church and the ensemble of the Yuriev Monastery located on the opposite bank looked like a magnificent gate on the waterway to Novgorod.

When you sing a hymn, get a passport, rejoice in the success of our country, remember how it all began, like that little boat, came out of the cold northern harbor and went through great victories, becoming a huge modern cruiser guarding the waters of history.

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