St. George Monastery

St. George Monastery for Men - the first Orthodox monastery of the Novgorod land. The name of the monastery was first mentioned in the annals in connection with the construction of the Cathedral of St. George in 1119. There is also the legendary founding date of the Yuriev Monastery - 1030. Then, after the victory over Chudi, Prince Yaroslav the Wise, in honor of his heavenly patron George (Yuri), founded the city of Yuryev (Tartu, Estonia) and built temples in Novgorod and Kiev. For the temple in Novgorod, a place was chosen on the way to the country residence, which was located in the village of Rakomo on the shore of Lake Ilmen. Here came the monastery.

From our case about Lake Ilmen you could get an idea of the beauty of the nature of this place. Yuriev monastery, being nearby, creates a special, amazing impression, complementing the natural beauty of its harmonious white-stone buildings, 52-meter high bell tower, grown garden, flower gardens and, of course, its history.

The value of St. George's Cathedral was emphasized by the fact that during it the prince's chronicle was kept, and the temple itself was used as the tomb of the Novgorod princes. The mother and brother of Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Shemyaka and others are buried here.

In the middle of the XII century, it was painted. In 1902, the old painting "ponovili", and in fact rewrote. But the original frescoes are preserved on the slopes of the windows and in the upper part of the staircase tower, where a small church was built in antiquity.

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