Famous pedestrian bridge over the Volkhov River

The famous pedestrian bridge across the Volkhov River, which connects two parts of the city, is not just a construction of a purely practical importance, but also a remarkable monument of architecture. The bridge connects not just parts of the city, it unites all its diversity, making it a unique place where everyone can find what they like.

The bridge has been located in this place since ancient times, although its original appearance can now be seen only in photographs. The first mention of the bridge dates back to 1133. The merchants' shops stood on it, criminals were thrown into it from the river, and at times it became the scene of clashes between the two sides of the city, which they shared, Sofia and Commerce.

During its existence, the bridge was often rebuilt, but it stood until 1944, when the retreating German troops left, blew it up. Until the mid-1980s, Novgorod and guests of the city instead of the bridge had to be content with viewing platforms. Only in 1985 on the shores of the Volkhov began the construction of a new Great Bridge according to the plans of the Leningrad Institute “Lenpromtransproject”.

As you can see, the current structure is a child of perestroika, but believe me, bright impressions are provided to you! The bridge offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Volkhov River, the Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral. This is a great place for photos, besides there is a very funny statue of a bored girl, always ready to pose for your photo.

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