Novgorod Kremlin

The Novgorod Kremlin is one of the oldest monuments of military architecture in Russia of the XV-XVII centuries. He was the administrative, social and religious center of Novgorod. There was a veche, the elections of the mayor, from here the squad of Alexander Nevsky took to the battle with the Swedes, its walls defended the residence of the Novgorod ruler. It was in the Kremlin that chronicles were written, books were collected and copied.

Of the 12 towers of the Kremlin of the 15th century, only 9 remained: Palace, Spasskaya, Knyazhaya, Kokuy, Pokrovskaya, Zlatoustovskaya, Metropolitan, Fedorovskaya and Vladimirskaya. The Novgorod Kremlin is rich in monuments of ancient Russia: it is both the oldest Russian church - the Sophia Cathedral, and the Faceted Chamber - a civilian building, and a monument to the Millennium of Russia, which fit 129 figures from different historical eras of Russia. Now Novgorod Detinets as part of the historic center of Veliky Novgorod included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

An interesting fact: the view from the Kokuy tower to the Prince, Spasskaya and Palace towers and the walls of the Novgorod Detintsa are depicted on Russian banknotes in denominations of 5,000 rubles in 1995 (inactive) and in denominations of 5 rubles in 1997 (valid, but actually removed from circulation). The architectural panorama of the Novgorod Kremlin is depicted on a silver coin worth 200 rubles in 2009.

As tourists from Smolensk, it was extremely surprising for us to see the walls of the Novgorod Kremlin look so much like our Kremlin and Smolensk walls. Entering the Kremlin over a bridge across the river, we were amazed: he was so handsome on that sunny hot day. The city beach is located in front of its walls, where Novgorodians are swimming and sunbathing, absolutely not embarrassed by tourists. Our travel schedule was quite tight, and we, unfortunately, could not join them. But you, if you decide to visit the Novgorod Kremlin, be sure to do it!

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