The sculpture is located next to the Belarusian theater "Lyalka" on Pushkin Street. The 1.8-meter-high bronze statue depicts a fairy-tale genie holding a camel in the palm of a man.

The monument to the fairy-tale hero is not randomly located in Vitebsk. It was here in 1903 that Lazar Ginzburg was born, who wrote the fairy tale "The Old Man Hottabych" under the pseudonym Lagin. The nickname came from the merger of the first syllable of the name and surname: Lazar GINzburg.

The house where his family lived was located not far from the place where the monument to Hottabych was erected - on Podvinskaya Street (now Tolstoy).

The old genie’s sculpture was made by Vitebsk artist, sculptor and designer Sergey Sotnikov in 2017.

Tourists and residents of the city, passing near the monument, can not pass by without rubbing the old Hottabych beard. But for some reason, many people think that desires will be fulfilled if you touch the lamp.

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