Along with Orthodox churches, the Catholic Church is also a historical monument of Vitebsk. The church dates back to 1785, when local marshals Antony Kosov donated money for its construction. It was planned that this would be a small temple at the Catholic cemetery. So it was a long time. The temple acted, being consecrated by the name of St. Barbara. It is believed that Holy Barbara protects from instant death, that is, when the rite of communion cannot be performed on the dying person. When the church was erected tower, its contemporary, and plebania.

So the temple was rebuilt, and from the marginal church turned into the center of the parish. It was consecrated again by the names of St. Barbara and St. Joseph. Services in it were conducted until 1935, when, implementing the policy of militant atheism, the state closed the church. The building was used as a warehouse of pesticides. In the Great Patriotic War, the Church of St. Barbara (Barbara) has undergone destruction. The website of the Catholic Church of Belarus figuratively describes that the destroyed towers were like two wounded hands lifted to the sky in tears and impotent prayer. After the war, the church building remained empty and lifeless.

Restore the church of sv. The barbarians began in 1988-1990, initially planning to build a concert hall in the building. In 1988, a brick chapel of St. Cross. Through the efforts of the father of Janusz Szekek, the church became an active Catholic church.

Today, the Church of St. Barbara is a three-basilica basilica with two bunk towers on the main facade. The building of the church itself is built of red brick. The church combines the features of Neo-Romanesque style and neo-Gothic. The church of St. Varavary is located slightly away from the city center, but the folk trail does not grow here. Some come to pray, others - to admire, and others - to think about the lessons of history. And each old church welcomes, endowing with kindness, beauty, spirituality.

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