Dukhovskoy Kruglik

Dukhovskoy Kruglik is located on the territory adjacent to the Summer Amphitheater. In form, this is a new tower, with its appearance resembling medieval buildings. The modern history of the roundabout began with an archaeological site in 1984, when the collapse of the foundation of a 14th century stone tower was discovered. The find convincingly proved the presence in Vitebsk of two stone castles - Upper and Lower, and thus increased the military, political, administrative status of the medieval city. The tower was part of a complex of buildings of the Lower Castle, built in 1330-1351, and was built of stone, large-sized brick and chalk. The former names of the tower - "Narozhna", "Vuglavaya", "Navagolnaya" - are explained by the fact that the tower was located in the southeast corner (horn) of the castle.

The current name "Dukhovskoy Kruglik" characterizes the peculiarity of the architectural structure of the tower, which was octagonal in plan, as well as its location - it was located on Dukhovskoy Mountain.

The modern appearance of the building is an artistic reconstruction of the 14th century tower. The author's project was executed by architect Ruslan Lyadko. The dimensions of the tower are 9.2 × 9.2 m, the height is 27 m. The tower has 5 levels with author's expositions devoted to the history of Vitebsk and the history of the International Art Festival “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk”. The author of the exhibition is Vitebsk artist Alexander Vyshka.

At the first level there is an open collapse of the foundation of a 14th century stone tower. and the remains of defensive walls.

At the second level is the plan of the city of Vitebsk, known for the “Great Drawing of 1664”. Images of towers, temples, buildings of the ancient city in combination with black and white and color photographs of the city views con. XIX - early. Twentieth centuries.

The exposition of the third and fourth levels is devoted to the history of the International Art Festival “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” and includes a series of photographs of different years and subjects, awards of winners of international competitions of performers of the pop song “Vitebsk”, awards of the festival itself, significant things for guests and participants of the arts festival , souvenir products with the festival symbols of different years.

At the fifth level there is an observation deck, from which a panorama of ancient and young Vitebsk opens.

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