The Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk is the cathedral and was consecrated on September 30, 2011. Erected on the model of the cathedral, which was located at this place before its destruction by the Soviet authorities in 1936. Today the cathedral attracts many tourists who have chosen to rest in Vitebsk, as well as believers and pilgrims.

Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk is located on Assumption Mountain, whose history goes back at least a thousand years. Historians believe that before the spread of Christianity in these lands, a pagan temple was located on the mountain. The first church on Assumption Mountain appeared in 1406 and was named in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos. In the 17th and early 18th centuries, the wooden church was not only once burned or burned, then disassembled or rebuilt by local residents. In addition, she was then Orthodox, then passed into the possession of the Uniates. After the church once again burned down in 1722, for more than 20 years the place on Assumption Hill was empty. In 1743, the construction of the temple was carried out according to the design of the Italian architect Joseph Fontan. The construction of the church was started at the same place as the new Uniate stone church and the Basilian monastery buildings. It is believed that he took the Basilica of San Carlo al Corso in Rome as a model.

In accordance with the decree of Emperor Paul I dated July 18, 1799, the Basilian monastery was transferred to the Orthodox department, and the church was renamed the Assumption Cathedral.

At the beginning of the 19th century, it was rebuilt and first acquired the features of Baroque, and then some elements of classicism.

In 1812, the French army set up an infirmary in the church, as a result of which many unique decorations of the church were taken away and destroyed. However, after the war, the temple was restored.

After the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, the cathedral was closed, and in 1936 it was completely blown up. In 1949, on the site of the cathedral, a workshop of a grinding machines factory was built, which existed until the 1980s and was completely demolished in 1998.

The project for the restoration of the temple was developed by architects I.Rotko and A.Mikhaylyukovs back in 1990. However, construction work began only in June 2000. The church was consecrated on September 30, 2011, although it receives visitors since April 2011. Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk, among other things, the owner of the largest bell in Belarus. This bell weighs approximately 5,200 kg.

There is a legend associated with the Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk. According to her, an underground passage of such magnitude goes from the cathedral under the Western Dvina that people could easily pass through it. This legend even has certain rights to exist. The fact is that in the 18th century, during the construction of this temple, the builders built a drainage system to drain groundwater from the basements of the temple. And the magnitude of this move just allowed the cleaner of this drainage system to pass through it.

The Assumption Cathedral in Vitebsk is an absolute adornment of the city, attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists who choose a holiday in Belarus, a sightseeing tour of Belarus or a religious tour of Belarus.

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