Victory Square in Vitebsk is the largest urban area of the Republic of Belarus. It occupies more than 7 hectares. The area got its name in 1973. Before it was called Orshanskaya Square. Until the mid-1960s, the square was a typical urban outskirts - here was a city bath; a cemetery adjoined to the east, in the place of the public garden there was a marsh.

In 1974, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Vitebsk from the Nazi invaders, a memorial complex was created in honor of Soviet liberators, partisans and underground fighters, which became the center of the square’s composition, and planted square. Today’s Memorial to the Liberators of Vitebsk - Soviet Soldiers to partisans and underground workers "- is the main decoration of Victory Square in Vitebsk. From afar it is difficult not to notice the three obelisk pylons narrowing upwards. The pylons are connected not only externally but also internally - on the ring connecting the three obelisks, there is an inscription “Glory to the heroes”. And under it, on a symbolic pedestal in the shape of a five-pointed star, the Eternal Flame is lit, at which meetings of veterans on Victory Day are held, and newlyweds, according to the old Soviet tradition, come here to honor the memory of fallen soldiers on their wedding day. The architect Yu. V. Shpit, sculptors B. Markov and J. Pechkin worked on the creation of the memorial complex.

In the memorial part there are also grandiose rectangular pools with flowing water, which symbolizes the shed blood and tears.

The picturesque landscapes that open from Victory Square attract you, as well as the general view of Vitebsk - a modern, dynamic, immersed in the rays of the sun and the mirror smooth surface of the Western Dvina.

A special role is given to the Victory Park, which is not only rich in framing Vitebsk Square, but also a unique, lively booth displaying samples of military and modern equipment

Opposite the obelisk is the first thing that catches your eye when you go to Victory Square - a house with the inscription “The feat of the Soviet people is immortal.” Being in this place, you realize that it is perpetuated and honored the feat of the people - the winner!

Military parades are held on the square of mass events, and in winter a huge rink is poured and a grand Christmas tree is installed.


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