Holy Dormition Cathedral

The face of the Smolensk fortress wall, and the heart of the city – the Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin. It is impossible to imagine the city without this temple. The assumption Cathedral is an excellent representative of the Orthodox temple architecture of ancient Smolensk. Majestic white with turquoise five-domed Baroque temple will not leave anyone indifferent. From whatever side you drove up to Smolensk, everywhere you can see the dome of the assumption Cathedral. The Majesty of it gives place: the temple is located on the Cathedral hill. An important fact is that the temple was built in honor of the heroic defense of the city in the early XVII century. Before this place was a temple of the XII century.

It is Believed that the city originated here. The first assumption Cathedral was founded on Cathedral hill more than 900 years ago, in 1101, by Vladimir Monomakh. The Church was the first stone building of the Smolensk region. Two years after the construction, the Grand Duke donated to the Cathedral a family relic – the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria", brought from Byzantium by his mother.

in the assumption Cathedral was the standard"waxed pood." Here, according to legend, was buried the Martyr mercury of Smolensk, the heroic defender of the city.

on 3 June 1611, after a 20-month siege, Polish king Sigismund III captured the city. The Cathedral became the last line of defense of Smolyan. According to one version, the surviving defenders, realizing that they can not stop the enemy, heroically killed by blowing up a powder cellar under the Cathedral. However, the invaders did not destroy the Cathedral. They covered it with boards and built a Church in it. The Bishop's house was built nearby.

after Smolensk re-entered Russia in 1654, attempts were made to restore the ancient temple. However, they were not successful-the repair of the dilapidated building was found impossible. The new Cathedral was founded in 1677 and finally built in 1772. It was built and rebuilt by three architects, in the final version it is made in the style of Ukrainian Baroque. Thus, the construction of the modern assumption Cathedral lasted a total of about 100 years. Since then, no changes in his appearance was not made.

The assumption Cathedral survived two wars: the Patriotic war of 1812 (by order of Napoleon in the Cathedral was exhibited protection) and the Great Patriotic war of 1941 - 1945. He survived during the "war with the temples" in the 20-30-ies of the last century – the temple was opened an anti-religious Museum. And now the Cathedral is not only the main temple of the Smolensk diocese, but also the most famous tourist attraction of Smolensk.

All its greatness affects the iconostasis of the Cathedral, its height reaches 30 meters. He goes in up to five tiers. Gilding and carving, as well as many wooden sculptures give it an unprecedented luxury. Such a powerful and majestic appearance you will not find anywhere else.

the Unique and main Shrine of the Cathedral is the prototype of the Smolensk icon of the mother of God Hodegetria. However, after the occupation of Smolensk In the great Patriotic war, it disappeared forever. Now the Cathedral houses an icon of the early XVII century, transported from the Church of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria, located above the Dnieper gate of the Smolensk fortress.

another Shrine of the assumption Cathedral — sandals of St. mercury of Smolensk. Mercury, a foreigner by origin, prayed before the icon of the blessed virgin, when he heard the command to attack at night in the camp of Batu, whose troops came to Smolensk.

Another Shrine of the assumption Cathedral — shroud"Position in the coffin." According to the inscription embroidered on it, it was created in 1561 in the workshop of Princess Euphrosyne of Staritsky, aunt of Ivan the terrible. Originally the shroud was kept in the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, where it was stolen by the French in 1812. Smolensk guerrillas managed to recapture her, for which she was granted the assumption Cathedral in Smolensk.

The assumption Cathedral of Smolensk is the main Cathedral of the city and together with the other buildings of the Cathedral mountain, a luxurious architectural ensemble, which is the pearl of Smolensk, its symbol and decoration. Even experienced tourists who have seen a lot in different cities of the world, recognize that the Cathedral and its interior is a masterpiece of world art!

The Cathedral is dear to every resin, we often admire it on the way home, to study or work. We would like to share this miracle with you. Come to Smolensk! We will be glad to see you:)

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